Supporting Tomorrow’s People Charity

My family have worked in different industries such as printing, building, banking and for the Police, so the notion of hard work was instilled into me from an early age. When it was time for me to make a decision on my career they were really supportive, but not everybody has that opportunity.

After receiving my Business Woman of the Year award in 2014, Baroness Stedman Scott introduced me to a charity called Tomorrow’s People. Their main objective is to take young adults who, through circumstance, haven’t finished their education, fallen from the path or overcome obstacles that have impacted their life in ways many of us can’t imagine. They take these individuals and give them the building blocks to grow in confidence, with the sole purpose in getting them back into full time work and this is sustainable work – not just a placement.

To date the team have helped nearly 500,000 on their journey back into work – and they’re continuing to work closely with young adults and strive to deliver their vision; “A future in which everyone is equipped to get and keep a job, and progress in their workplace.

I’ve always believed in the 3D’s – Drive, Determination and Dedication and I saw this in droves when I met Tomorrow’s People. I’ve seen the hard work the team puts into every single person and seen the transformation that occurs through confidence building exercises, giving people value and allowing them to understand what they were capable of and at every level – they all strive to be the best they can be!


Jenny is really passionate about the work we do at Tomorrow’s People, helping young people to get and keep a job. Her support and expertise are extremely valuable and she’s a great ambassador for the charity. Most recently Jenny joined us at our staff conference – inspiring the team and offering advice and guidance to both head office and front line staff. Jenny has also been very generous enabling the key specialists in her business to donate their time and expertise to us.

Abi Levitt, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Tomorrow’s People